How to Returns the type of a resource in PHP ?

In PHP, we can use the get_resource_type() function to return the type of a resource. This function takes a resource as its parameter and returns a string representing the type of the resource.

Here's an example:

// Open a file for reading
$file = fopen("example.txt", "r");

// Get the type of the resource
$type = get_resource_type($file);

// Output the type
echo $type; // Outputs: "stream"

In this example, we open a file for reading using the fopen() function, which returns a resource. We then pass this resource to the get_resource_type() function to get its type, which is "stream" in this case.

Other examples of resource types in PHP include:

  • "curl" for a cURL handle
  • "gd" for an image resource created with the GD library
  • "mysqli" for a MySQLi database connection
  • "pdo" for a PDO database connection

Here's an example of using get_resource_type() with a cURL handle:

// Initialize a cURL session
$curl = curl_init("");

// Get the type of the resource
$type = get_resource_type($curl);

// Output the type
echo $type; // Outputs: "curl"

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