How to Jump to a line of code in PHP ?

In PHP, you can jump to a specific line of code using the goto statement. However, it is generally not recommended to use goto as it can make the code difficult to read and maintain.

Here's an example of how to use goto to jump to a specific line of code:

echo "Line 1\n";
goto line3;
echo "Line 2\n";
echo "Line 3\n";

In the above example, the code will output "Line 1" and then jump to the label line3 and output "Line 3". The line "Line 2" will be skipped.

Alternatively, you can use conditional statements like if, else if, and else to jump to specific lines of code based on certain conditions. Here's an example:

$number = 5;
if ($number == 5) {
    echo "Number is 5\n";
    // jump to line 10
    goto line10;
} else {
    echo "Number is not 5\n";
echo "This is line 10\n";

In the above example, if the variable $number is equal to 5, the code will output "Number is 5" and then jump to line 10 to output "This is line 10". If $number is not equal to 5, the code will skip the if statement and output "This is line 10" directly.

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