DAY() Function in SQL Server

The DAY() function in SQL Server is used to extract the day of the month from a given date. It takes a date as input and returns an integer value representing the day of the month.



Where date is a valid date expression.

Example: Consider the following table named orders:

OrderID OrderDate
1 2021-01-15
2 2021-02-28
3 2021-03-10
4 2021-04-22
5 2021-05-05

To extract the day of the month from the OrderDate column, we can use the DAY() function as follows:

SELECT OrderID, DAY(OrderDate) AS OrderDay
FROM orders;

This will return the following result:

OrderID OrderDay
1 15
2 28
3 10
4 22
5 5

Alternatively, we can also use the DATEPART() function to achieve the same result:

SELECT OrderID, DATEPART(day, OrderDate) AS OrderDay
FROM orders;

This will also return the same result as above.

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